PRO WhatsApp Business Integration

PRO WhatsApp & CRM Integration service integrates with our all-in-one PRO CRM and has mobile App to provide outstanding set of features:

  • Automatically send WhatsApp messages based on CRM events.
  • Automatically receive WhatsApp messages and attach to relevant leads \ contacts \ organizations.
  • Enable all users to use the corporate WhatsApp number at the same time.
  • Send bulk WhatsApp messages and track their progress.
  • Define message templates using lead \ contact \ organization data fields.
  • Automatically turn received WhatsApp messages into CRM actions and notify your staff with mobile push notifications.


  • Minimize corporate operation costs as follows:
    • Enable automated services through WhatsApp.
    • Sales \ support call requires a dedicated agent, but sales \ support WhatsApp session doesn’t. Moreover, the same agent can handle more than 1 customer in parallel.
  • Make your corporate available 24/7 by enabling automated services through WhatsApp.
  • Enhance your customers experience by enabling WhatsApp channel for sales, support, and marketing.
  • Enhance utilization of agents through enabling automated services through WhatsApp and dedicating agents for services that can’t be automated.
  • Our PRO CRM integrated with the WhatsApp service enhances the CRM as the “Unified Platform for Communications and Interactions” by integrating WhatsApp sessions into it along with calls, SMSs, and emails.
  • Control your corporate communication channels by enabling the corporate WhatsApp number to all staff at the same time, rather than they have to communicate with customers using their personal WhatsApp.

PRO WhatsApp & CRM Integration Details:

We automatically notify you by new incoming WhatsApp messages.

If sender numbers are existing at CRM, then messages are displayed using lead \ contact \ organization names. Moreover, you can reply messages directly from notification window.
New Received WhatsApp Message Notification

You can send WhatsApp message to lead / contact / organization and check chat history as depicted below.

Send WhatsApp Message from within CRM Record

The sent bulk messages can be either static or dynamic that is automatically filled by lead \ contact \ organization details.

Set WhatsApp Bulk Messages Type to Static or Dynamic

You can send bulk WhatsApp messages to a set of leads \ contacts \ organizations as depicted below.

Send Bulk WhatsApp Messages

You can track progress of bulk WhatsApp messages as depicted below.

Track Bulk WhatsApp Messages Progress

We automatically attach sent & received WhatsApp messages to relevant leads, contacts,  or organizations.

Attach Sent & Received WhatsApp Messages to Relevant Leads, Contacts, or Organizations