PRO WhatsApp chatbot is integrated into our all-in-one PRO CRM and Zoho CRM; and we can integrate easily into other CRMs.

Examples of Use Cases:

  • Receive sales opportunities or orders and automatically save into CRM.
  • Receive complains details and automatically save into CRM.
  • Book customer event and automatically save into CRM.
  • Reply automatically the frequently asked questions; such as working hours, stores locations .. etc.

PRO WhatsApp Chatbot Benefits:

  • Minimize operation costs by providing automated services.
  • Provide 24/7 availability without hiring extra agents.
  • Enhance customer experience.

Samples of our live chatbots:

One of the leading shopping centers for clothes, and sport equipmentsBlack Circles is the largest and first tire selling site in EgyptCFI is the official representative of the Egyptian Food Industry, with a member base of more than 3000 companies
Eva Cosmetics
One of the leading Egyptian healthcare insurance providersOne of the leading personal care manufacturers with over 100 years of experienceOne of the leading Saudi natural well water suppliers
One of the biggest tires & batteries distributors in EgyptMenassat Developments was created by the coming together of 8 experienced co-foundersPenguin is a leading company in the field of air conditioning and refrigeration since 1982