PRO Supply Chain Management system is based on vtiger, the CRM software enterprise with a mission to build and deliver the most open, easiest to use, most customizable, and most accessible CRM solutions for small and medium enterprises.

vtiger is supported by an active community of developers and partner networks in more than 110 countries. More than 300,000 businesses including Fortune 500 companies use vtiger CRM to manage sales, marketing, support, inventory, and more!

PRO Lead Management module:

  • Presales team record the leads and indentify their status ( interested – not interested – unmatched request ).
  • The interested leads are routed automatically to the sales team in a fair way, while the leads that you can’t match their requests will be contacted later by the presales team when they can match their requests at new projects.
  • The sales agent will follow-up his leads and record the follow-up activity result and the next follow-up date, and the system will track the missed follow-ups.
  • Finally, the sales agent converts the lead to a customer and creates a sales order, or sets him as non-interested and indicate the reason.

PRO Sales Management module:

  • Implement the whole sales cycle starting from receive request-for-quotation (RFQ), issue offer, receive customer PO, create sales order, order shipment & delivery, and invoice issue.
  • After receiving customer RFQ, the system creates automatically RFQ-to-Supplier for out-of-stock items. For in-stock items, the prices are calculated automatically after applying the proper item profit margin based on the customer class.
  • Each sales phase will send the proper automatic mail including the auto generated PDF attachments.

PRO Purchasing Management module:

  • Record your suppliers’ details, their contact persons, and price lists.
  • RFQ-to-Supplier is reviewed by purchasing manager. Once update status to ‘RFQ Sent’, the system sends mail to the supplier including RFQ pdf.
  • After receiving the supplier quotation, the system automatically calculates the shipping overheads and customs in order to set the item total cost.
  • If the supplier-RFQ is created for customer RFQ includes out-of-stock items, the system applies the proper item profit margin based on the customer class in order to issue an offer to the customer.
  • If supplier quote is accepted, the purchasing agent updates status to ‘PO Sent’, then system sends mail to the supplier including PO pdf.

PRO Inventory Management module:

  • Record your products details including the profit margin classes to apply automatically the proper profit margin for each customer based on its class when issue an offer.
  • Define stocking rules per item per territory that define minimum stock level, minimum PO level, and customs percentage.
  • Support multiple sales territories & warehouses.
  • Create automatic inventory notes as follows, and link with their account & supplier operations:
    • Receiving note at item arrival.
    • Reserve note when receive the customer PO.
    • Delivery note at item delivery.
  • Support the sales orders that have more than one delivery, where each delivery has its automatically generated delivery ticket and invoice PDFs. In addition to, after each delivery the customer balance per each item is updated automatically.

PRO Survey module:

  • Define your survey templates as follows:
    1. The question.
    2. Answers drop list if applicable.
    3. Option for the customer to add a comment or not.
  • Record the survey response linked with the customer and the sales order being evaluated.

PRO Call Center module:

  • Support Asterisk and we can integrate with other call center engines.
  • Provide notification for the call center agent with the caller information at call ring.
  • Make calls by clicking on the phone numbers rather than typing them.
  • Guarantee 0% call loss as follows:
    • Automatic assign of abandoned calls for agents for calling them back. Abandoned calls are the customers who hang up before the call center agents answer their calls.
    • Automatic assign of un-answered after-working-hours diverted calls for agents for calling them back.
  • For the abandoned calls and un-answered after-working-hours diverted calls, if the caller number is new, then it’s automatically recorded as a new lead, and the agent will record its information after calling him back.

PRO Customer Service module:

  • The customer support team records the trouble tickets and classify them by the intended department, and the system will route them automatically to the intended departments.
  • The system will notify the customer support team when the intended department records the ticket reply, then they contact the customer back and close the ticket if he’s satisfied.
  • If the client isn’t satisfied by the department reply, the customer support agent will flag the ticket to be routed automatically back to the intended department.
  • The system supports ticket escalation from the intended department to higher management levels based on your service level agreement.
  • The department managers can record frequently asked questions (FAQs), to enable the customer service team to close the tickets faster without need to route the tickets to the intended departments.

PRO SMS module:

  • Automatically send SMS in predefined events. Also, CRM users can send SMS manually.
  • Support bulk SMS.
  • Track SMS receiving status.
  • Attach SMS to the customer profile.