PRO Call Center Outsourcing

PRO Call Center outsourcing service is based on Asterisk, the world’s most widely adopted open source communications platform:

  • Deployed in over 170 countries.
  • 2 Million downloads annually.
  • On more than 1 Million servers worldwide.
  • Approximately 1.3 million new endpoints each year.
  • 86,000 registered community members.


  • Guarantee your customers excellent experience by using IVR, voice mail, smart call rotation, call recording, and live monitoring & reporting.
  • Empower your call center with our fully integrated CRM; that will automate and track all your corporate processes.
  • Minimize your operation costs and make your corporate available 24/7 by enabling automated services through IVR. Moreover, automated services enable you to serve your customers in a better way at the call center rush hours.
  • 0% call loss:
    • During working hours, your calls may be lost before an agent answers them. But the system automatically searches CRM for the lost call number and resolves as follows:
      • If the caller number already exists, then a ‘Call Back’ task is automatically created for his account manager to call back him.
      • If the caller number doesn’t exist, then it’s automatically saved into CRM, and a ‘Call Back’ task is automatically created for a sales man to call back him.
    • For calls after working hours, you’ll have IVR with the following options:
      1. Enable caller to leave a voice mail that will be automatically sent by email to the intended employee.
      2. Divert calls to mobile numbers if there’re assigned staff to handle those calls. In addition to; if an employee didn’t reply the diverted call, then the system automatically handles it as explained earlier for the lost calls.

PRO Call Center Outsourcing Service Features:

  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR).
  • Voice mail.
  • Automatic Call Distribution & Queuing.
  • Voice mail & divert to mobile after working hours.
  • Automatic call recording and web based browsing for them.
  • Web based live monitor for agents, queues, and phone lines.
  • Reports and charts for call center activities.
  • 0% Call Loss through automatic management of abandoned and after-working-hours calls.
  • Support for vtiger CRM integration.