PRO Auto Dialer

PRO Auto Dialer automatically dials a pre-defined list of phone numbers. Once a call is answered, any of the following automated scenarios can be implemented:

  • Connect the call to a call center agent.
  • Play a recorded message, and then ask the customer if he’s interested to be connected to an agent.
  • Play a recorded message, and then ask the customer for his feedback and end the call. The feedback is saved at our CRM, and an agent will contact the customer based on the feedback.
  • Connect the call to our IVR that plays audio messages for the customer and collects his feedback.

For un-answered calls, the system automatically redialing their phone numbers.

PRO Auto Dialer Applications:

  • Promote a new product or service and identify the interested leads.
  • Based on customers sales history, run automated calls for cross-selling and up-selling.
  • Customers collection reminder calls to improve your corporate collection rate.
  • Run automated surveys or market researches rather than the manual ones to guarantee accuracy and minimize the operation costs.
  • Run automated calls to confirm appointments.


  • Generate more sales through the cross-selling and up-selling automated calls.
  • Minimize operation costs by using the automated calls whenever possible; for example automated surveys, market researches, debit collection reminder calls ..etc.
  • Enhance utilization of agents through the automated dialing and only connecting them to established calls.
  • Improve efficiency by automatically processing huge amount of customers calls.
  • Guarantee accuracy through using the automated calls.
  • Our integrated CRM with PRO Auto Dialer enables the following benefits:
    • Automatically turn the customer feedback for the automated call into CRM action. For example, for positive feedback for sales call, CRM will automatically create sales opportunity and assign to the customer account manager to follow.
    • Enhance your corporate data privacy through running the automated calls from CRM using your leads and contacts, rather than exporting your data to another application for auto dialer.
    • Enhance your CRM as the “Unified Platform for Communications and Interactions” by integrating the automated calls into it.

PRO Auto Dialer Features:

  • You create your auto dialer session as follows:
    • Set target audience from leads \ contacts \ organizations.
    • Start & end date.
    • IVR or agents’ queue to route calls.
    • Retry count for unsuccessful calls, and retry frequency.

PRO Auto Dialer - Create Auto Dialer Session

  • You can track the automated calls status as follows:
    • “Contacted – Successful”, when automated call is established.
    • “Contacted – Unsuccessful”, when automated call isn’t answered, but there’re still call retries.
    • “Contacted – Failed”, when automated call isn’t answered, and no more call retries remaining.
    • “Contacted – Positive \ Negative Feedback”, when automated call script contains question(s).
    • “Contacted – Abandoned”, when customer answered but no agent answers him.

PRO Auto Dialer - Track Calls Status

  • Automatically, we attach automated calls to their auto dialer session.

PRO Auto Dialer - Calls Reporting